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    Default Migratory Birds Arrive in Pakistan

    Migratory birds start arriving in country

    Peshawar (APP): Birds that migrate from Siberia to Pakistan and India during September to November have started arriving here and the NWFP Wildlife department has started organizing communities along river Kabul and Indus to contain hunting. Birds have started arriving in Pakistan as the winter season started in Siberia (Russia) and this activity will gain momentum if rains are received here, informed Chief Conservator NWFP Wildlife Department, Saeeduz Zaman. Saeeduz Zaman said the migration journey starts from Siberia to Pakistan and ends in India at Bahartpure. This route is known in the international migration routes as `Indus Fly-way No. 4' or `Green Route', he added. The distance covered by birds during migration is around 4500 kilometers. The migratory bird fly from Siberia to Afghanistan, Karakorum range, across river Indus in Pakistan and finally towards India. During their journey, the birds make stopovers at lakes and water basins at Nowshera, Tanda Dam in Kohat, Swat, Chitral, Punjab and at Haleji, Keenjaar and Lungsee lakes in Sind. These birds mainly consist of water fowl, hobara bustard, cranes, teals, pintail, mallard, geeze, spoon bills, waders, palicons and gadwall. The Wildlife department, he said has taken a number of measures to contain hunting of migratory birds and in this regards work was done on organizing communities along river Kabul and Indus. Earlier, before 1970 there was no rule for protection of migratory birds. However, after Ramsar convention in Iran and Bonn Convention in Germany laws to protect migratory birds was enacted. Department, he said, developed wet lands where strict laws were implemented for regulating hunting. A project named `Management of waterfowls along river Kabul & Indus in NWFP, which was aimed at regulating the hunting of migratory birds in the province, was also launched. Under the project, he continued, 20 points from Warsak to Kund along river Kabul and from Kund to Tarbela along river Indus were selected where communities will be organized to control hunting. Similarly, he continued, two hunting huts have been established at village Agra near Sardaryab in District Charsadda and village Pushtoon Gari. These hunting huts, he added, were established to offer opportunity to communities to generate income through charging hunters for providing hunting facilities at the hut and issuing permits. 90 percent of the amount collected by communities through issuing of permit is spent on community uplift and remaining 10 percent goes to national exchequer, he informed. He said the wildlife department has also decided to reduce the `Bag limit' of hunters from 20 birds to 10 birds. We are also considering to restrict hunting on selected days like weekly holidays. In response to a question about reduction in number of migratory birds, Saeeduz Zaman said those birds are reduced whose reproduction is slow. Whereas, he continued, birds whose reproduction is fast like ducks and water fowls are coming in same number. Sometimes, he said, due to change is weather and especially due to drought the birds change their route. About reasons behind migration, he said some viewed that cold weather compel the birds to move towards warmer areas. Another view is that these birds have inherited a natural phenomenon of moving from one place to another for reproduction purpose.

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