Apr 182014

Prof. Yaseen Iqbal Yousafzai

Punjab constituting about 55% of the total Pakistani population, is the most populous province of the country while KP (13%) is about a quarter of it. Area-wise, Balochistan is the largest province constituting about 39% of the total area and KP is the smallest with about 8.5%. For the last few decades, KP has been the direct victim of the Afghan war which started in 1979 and ended in early 90s. In addition to indiscriminate explosions which not only killed many including women and children but destroyed educational and socioeconomic infrastructure as well. The major influx of refugees was also into KP and this province accommodated millions of Afghans who left their country due to the decades long war. This land was constantly used as a frontline or base-camp for war against USSR. Continue reading »

Oct 112013

زلان مومند

ہمیں اس بات سے کلی اتفاق ہے کہ واقفان حال کے نزدیک اس تحریر کا عنوان ہی شتر گربگی (Oxymoron) کی مثال ہے لیکن اسی عنوان کا انتخاب اس لئے لازم تھا کہ اعظم ہوتی کے نزدیک وہ یہ جو کچھ بھی کر رہے ہیں وہ ضمیر کے بوجھ کی وجہ سے کر رہے ۔ مرزا اسداللہ خاں غالب کو کسی ایسی ہی صورت حال سے قبل حالِ دل پر ہنسی آتی تھی لیکن بعدازاں وہ صاف لفظوں میں فرما گئے کہ انہیں اب کسی بات پر ہنسی نہیں آتی ۔ Continue reading »

May 202013

لیک: قانونپوه علي خان محسود

د 1974 م کال د جون په میاشت کښې خان عبدالولي خان د لندن نه د کابل په لاره راتلو،  نو موږ ئې کابل ته ستړي مشي ته ورغلي ؤ. په ما پسې وارنټ  ؤ او بابا ویل ، چې ځان  نیولو ته ور نه کړې، نو زه په افغانستان کې د اجمل خټک صیب سره پاتې شوم. Continue reading »

May 172013

How will elections change this awful situation, especially since ethnic Baluch parties have done poorly? Talk of reconciliation with Baluch nationalists comes cheap, but trust is lacking

Pervez HoodbhoyViewPoint

EC2013Thankfully they are over and done with, and only a few hundred – not a few thousand – lives were lost. The PPP’s rout was extremely well-deserved. It is headed for the dustbin of history unless, by some miracle, it miraculously reinvents itself as a non-dynastic mission-driven party. One feels somewhat sorrier for the ANP in spite of its general ineptness and inability to deliver on honest governance. But it was targeted by TTP fanatics and, in the words of Asfandyar Wali Khan, the election campaign became a matter of “picking up the dead, carrying their funerals and taking the wounded to hospitals”. The long anticipated tsunami, it turned out, belonged to Nawaz Sharif. This victory of a center-right leader may not be much to celebrate but, at least for now, he is acting as a statesman and saying many of the right things. Meanwhile a certain disappointed cricketer, who kowtows to the Taliban and justifies their every atrocity, is venting his spleen from his hospital bed. Continue reading »

Dec 312012

THE heart-wrenching, nerve-shattering attack in Peshawar’s Qissa Khwani Bazaar on Dec 22, must be a defining moment for the state of Pakistan, Pakistani and Pakhtun society and the democratic political process in Pakistan.

This attack killed Bashir Bilour, one of the daring voices of the Awami National Party and a proud son of Peshawar, along with others. More than three dozen people were injured. Continue reading »