Aug 312009

Sher Alam Shinwari

Lok Versa, Islamabad in collaboration with the Pashto Academy University of
Peshawar has recently accomplished a highly commendable project by bringing out
40 booklets, 10 in English and 30 in Urdu at a cost of Rs 2.4 million on various
aspects of Pashtuns including their history, culture, art, music, literature and
social customs and traditions. Prominent researchers, scholars and writers have
tried their best to trace the origin of Pashtun’s race, their social traditions,
art and crafts and literary trends that have shaped their very fabric down the
ages. The origin of Pashtun has always been an interesting debate for both
Pashtun and non-Pashtun historians, intellectuals and men of letters. The
question of the origin of Pashtun’s have always baffled many a historians in
every age.

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Mar 172009


PESHAWAR: Qalam Taqat Literary Society has published a new book about the literaryachievements of Ghani Khan, the legendary Pashtun poet and phosphor. It is titled as “Ghani Khan- Da Pukhto Adab da Shalami Sadai Shakhsiat”.

It is a thesis by late Fazli Ghani Ghani, the eminent Pashtun writer who was
killed when a suicide bomber targeted the house of Asfandyar Wali Khan on
October 2, 2008.

Since his college days Fazli Ghani Ghani (Shaheed) was greatly inspired by Ghani
Khan’s life and works. Being an enlightened nationalist himself Fazli Ghani
Ghani always appreciated Ghani Khan’s nationalistic fervor, his ecstatic poetry
and his deep philosophical thought. A time came that the two Ghanis’ found
themselves in a stronger bond of mutual trust and friendship.

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May 132007

Collected poems of Afzal Shauq
Translation by Alley Boling


Published in Islamabad Pakistan
August  2006


First Edition.


Alley Boling Georgia USA.
Contacts & Weblink


Afzal Shauq Islamabad Pakistan  & Web link


Printed by Faiz ul Islam Printers Pakistan.


©All rights reserved to; Alley Boling & Afzal Shauq


Half of all proceeds of this book are going to establish the Farishta Foundation
to aid the poor and suffering people of this world.
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Feb 032007

By Dr Yaseen Iqbal Yousafzai

poetry concert in the memory of Sher Mohammad Mainosh was at its peak in the
late seventies (in village Toolandai, Swabi) and I was one of the passers by who
were attracted to watch and listen to the poets.

I had hardly found a place to accommodate myself that the stage secretary
invited a strange name to present his poetic gratitude to Mainosh Baba.

By hearing the name, my eyes turned away from the stage towards a smart,
ambitious young man, dressed in black Malaishia clothes with a sharp dark beard,
running to the stage.

The features I can recall were of a 25 to 30 years-old young man. Yes, all the
features I saw were matching the name ‘Akmal Lewanay’ (Akmal, the insane) but in
those days, I was even more insane than him to understand his poetry and

The poetry concert came to its end and like everyone else I also disappeared.

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Jan 062007

By Sher Alam Shinwari

The historic city of Peshawar is known for its handicrafts including copper
ware, jewelry, basketry, woodwork, wax printing and rabab making. The book
under review is a valuable research document on the various handicrafts, their
brief background history, and evolution and also it throws light on the artisans
and craftsmen who have kept this rare art despite the ravages of time, non
patronage and philistine attitude of the so called cultural institutions. This
thesis has been accomplished by Farida Rashid serving as lecturer at the Fine
Arts Department, University of Peshawar. Out of a long list of handicrafts, the
author has intelligently selected only six very important items for her detailed

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