Jan 172010

Dr Mohammad Taqi

Painting the current war as just the
Pashtuns’ war might become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It compartmentalises and
isolates the Pashtuns even from their direct neighbours in Peshawar, Kohat and
DI Khan. It is our war — of the Pashtuns, Hindko and Farsi speakers of Peshawar,
Hazara-wals, Chitralis, the Shiite of Kurram and Barelvis of Swat. It is as much
a Punjabi, Baloch or a Sindhi war

One freezing night in January 1948, a woman landed in New York on a campaign to
raise funds for the state of Israel and its armed forces. She had no winter
clothing on, carried only a handbag and a single ten-dollar bill in her pocket.
When asked by the customs official how she planned to manage here in the US, she
replied: “I have family here!”

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Jan 032010

C Raja Mohan Khaleej Times
As Beijing debates the policy implications of its rise to great power status,
its media is actively promoting a discussion on how deep should China be drawn
into the international efforts to stabilise Afghanistan.

Three broad views have begun to emerge. All of them highlight the importance of
China undertaking the responsibilities that come with being a great power. They
all agree that Afghanistan is a vital region on the Chinese frontiers and that
bringing peace and stability to the war torn nation in Beijing’s vital interest.

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Oct 152009
Many who fled the fighting said they
want neither the Taliban nor the Army in their lands. They say the
Punjabi-dominated security agencies control both forces, with the Army
periodically fighting the militants, then receding and letting the Taliban
reimpose their terrorizing rule. Pashtun civilians say they are caught in
the middle of this "double game."
Whether that remains the case is debated, but for years Pakistan’s
intelligence agencies supported the Taliban and other Islamic militants to
counter secular Pashtun nationalists.

Ben Arnoldy

Peshawar: A long-dormant nationalism movement among ethnic Pashtuns shows
signs of reawakening as Pakistan – at United States urging – has boosted
military activity in their region and as political efforts for autonomy have
The most basic Pashtun demand, changing the name of the North West Frontier
Province to Pakhtunkhwa ("Land of the Pashtuns"), was thwarted in September by
dominant ethnic Punjabis. A new faction of Pashtun nationalists has protested in
Peshawar, the capital of the NWFP. Leaders warn that younger cadres may abandon
politics for arms.

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Aug 212008

KABUL: Awakened Youth Association Wednesday demanded
that the year 2010 must be named after great freedom fighter and proponent of
the philosophy of non-violence Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, popularly known as Fakhr-e-Afghan
and Bacha Khan.

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May 082008

Aqeel yousafzai

Around 31 activists of Awami National Party (ANP) were killed in Shabqadar area
of Charsadda on February 9, 2008 while another ten ANP activists including one
North Waziristan Agency (NWA) party head were killed in a suicide attack in
Waziristan just after four days. In Charsadda blast more than 30 ANP workers and
supporters were also seriously injured when a corner meeting was underway in a
Hujra. Police claimed that it was a suicide attack but ANP leaders including
Central President Asfandyar Wali Khan denied police version and argued its was a
planted device that made a ditch in the ground.

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