Feb 262012

Peshawar:  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information and Culture Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said that Yasmeen Khan was a legendary heroine of Pashto movies and her contribution to film industry will be remembered always.

He was addressing a function in the jam-packed Nishtar Hall on late Friday night. The event titled `A Tribute to Yasmeen Khan: Da Zama Warze Dee` was organised jointly by Culture Journalists Forum (CJF) and Culture Directorate of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The minister said that government would continue fighting against terrorism and extremism through promotion of cultural activities in the province. Ihtesham Toru, CJF president, in his remarks said that creating awareness among masses about importance of cultural identity, paying tributes to legends of arts and encouraging new talent were few basics aims of his organisation. Continue reading »

Jul 242007

Sher Ali BachaBy Syed Yasir Ali
The great Pakhtun writer Qalandar Momand wrote in the memory of Sher Ali Bacha, “The life of Sher Ali Bacha has two sides.  While many people know him as a nationalist politician, not many are aware of his literary achievements. The time has come that we collect all his work, put it forward to the readers and give him the high status that he deserves in the field of literature.”
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Jun 272007

By Sher Alam Shinwari


Dr. Mohammad Azam AzamSoft-spoken Prof Dr Mohammad Azam Azam, the author of no less than 11 books, is a man with an unassuming personality. He has been rendering meritorious services to Pushto language and literature for the last 45 years. Dr Azam is a distinguished writer known for his individual and unique style, and for having introduced and contributed to modern literary trends both in substance and style in Pushto prose as well as poetry. He enjoys mass popularity and unprecedented fame among common folk, literary and cultural circles for his landmark achievements. Radio Pakistan Peshawar and PTV’s Peshawar Centre have aired more than 500 songs and ghazals by Dr Azam that have gained tremendous popularity due to their lucidity and mass appeal. He is also considered to be a trend setter in Pushto drama, on both radio and television.

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Mar 142007

Further Reading

The Pathan By Ghani Khan

Dr. Sherzaman Taizi’s Article In Pashto

By Sakhi Arsala Khan
Ghani Khan is not only being deeply revered among the Pakhtuns simply because he was born in the noble house of one of the greatest Pakhtun national hero, Bacha Khan, but because he earned a splendid place for himself among the four greatest contemporary poets of the 20th century; the other two being Hamza Shinwari, Qalandar Momand and Ajmal Khattak. His poetry, prose, sculpturing and paintings manifest audacious expressions of his true, veracious and rather unorthodox feelings, which put him distasteful in the conventional, traditional and dogmatic religious strongholds. His philosophy regarding worldly pleasures, and heavenly allures, was in dire contradiction to the beliefs of the conservative class of the people.

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Feb 272007

Commentary by Dr. Yaseen Iqbal Yousafzai

Every healthy human being has got five senses to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. The feeling we get about our surroundings via these senses is called observation. Novel is an artistic description of these observations where actual persons and events are disguised as fictional characters and plots respectively. In other words, novel is an image of our daily observations. The line between a novel and a real event is very delicate. The characters and plots of a novel must look like real and natural but for a good novel, they must be imaginative and rarely real. Therefore, the quality of a novel depends on the author’s skill to reproduce his observations and converge them on an intended theme. Obviously, this demands an intelligent selection of characters, plots and language, and the ability of the writer to stand in the shoes of each and every character to play his/her role with due justice.

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