Apr 032008

(ANP Website)

NEW YORK: Awami National Party, USA, and Khyber Society, USA, are jointly holding First Bacha Khan Peace Conference in New York on April 12.

The theme of the conference is “Philosophy of non-violence and global challenges.” It will explore the possibility of waging peace by following in Bacha Khan’s philosophy of non-violence.

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Mar 282008
By Ismail Khan

Amir Haider Khan HotiWHEN the Awami National Party romped home in the February elections, many an analyst described it as a vote for peace and rejection of elements practising radical violence. Yet it could be the same elements, besides the reconcilable ones, that the secular nationalist party may have to make peace with in order to restore law and order to the NWFP and the restive tribal region.

After all, even the British had to sit down and negotiate with the Irish Republican Army, once dubbed as a terrorist organisation, to bring peace to Ireland through the Good Friday Agreement, argues the young and articulate chief minister-designate of NWFP, Amir Haider Khan Hoti.

“Some people say that we are inviting the Taliban to a dia logue. Our stand is that we are not inviting Taliban alone to the talks. We are inviting all those forces or individuals who somehow or the other have any link with the situation that we are facing, whoever they may be,” he said in an interview with Dawn here.

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