Mar 082007

په څادر کې اسمان ګوټې
ليک: ډېوه – امريکا
ژباړه : فضل الرحمان زاهد

ښه مې ياد شي چې کله زه اؤ د تره لور مې د اوړي چوټيانو تيرولو له د اروپا نه پيښور ته راغلې ووـ هر څو کۀ تر دغه وخته مونږ يو بل سره ډيرې بلدې نه ؤ خو دې ځل د پيښور يادونو مونږ دواړه د سڼې د اوربل ملګرې کړلو. او دا هرڅه د سکندر کاکا او باتور لکه بله اوشول ـ

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Aug 192006

 by Sher Alam Shenwari

There would be hardly a Pakhtoon who may not know a
verse or two of Khatir Afridi and would be difficult to find a Pakhtoon singer
who might not have sung him. But Khatir ironically is the most sung unsung poet.
“At the age 17, Misree Khan Khatir Afridi was introduced to me by Hakim Shah
Basir at his Qahwa Khana at Landikotal Bazaar; he read out a portion of his
verses, I made correction here and there. I encouraged him a lot. Khatir was a
natural poet. I made him learn writing Pashto script. He was my first student. I
loved him very much. He was a true gentleman and used to be very obedient to

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