May 232013

By Iqbal Ahmed Khan

Imran Khan’s Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) party is taking over the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) bordering Afghanistan. At this point it is necessary to dispel a couple of myths that already seem to have accompanied the victory. But such an exercise must necessarily begin with an explanation of the reasons for the defeat of the former provincial ruling party, the Pashtun nationalist, Awami National Party (ANP). What this article will argue is that on the one hand, the PTI is filling in a vacuum left behind by a collapsing Pashtun nationalism. And on the other, it will attempt to get rid of a few misconceptions about the PTI’s victory and the Taliban that will arise as a result of the PTI’s gains in KPK. Continue reading »

Mar 152013

“I count myself in nothing else so happy,

As in a soul remembering my good friends” — Shakespeare in Richard II

By Dr Mohammad Taqi

Reminiscing about some of the stars of the secular galaxy of Pakistan and especially Pakhtunkhwa is needed not just due to a family association or personal, feel-good nostalgia. It is a must because the current generations – being fed a steady diet of Wahabiism – ought to get acquainted with the history of this land. Continue reading »

Jan 032013

ليک : ډاکټر کيتونا نسرين، سابق سفير آف هنګري، يورپ

ژباړه: پائند خان خروټی

نوټ:. ډاکټر کيتونا نسرين د براعظم يورپ د هنګري هيواد لخوا په پښتون افغان  سياسي قبله ګاه پای تخت کابل کښي سفيره پاته شوې ده. ډاکټر صاحبه د ټولو مترقي اوپه زياته د پښتون پلوڅ د خپل واکۍ د غورځنګو سره تړلي انسانانو سره بې کچه مينه لري په اوسني وخت کښي دا د افغانستان سائنټيفک اينډ سټريټيجک ريسرچ سينټر د مشري په حيثيت خپله دنده تر سره کوي. د پښتو ژبي  علاوه دا نزدې په يو درجن بېلابېلو ژبو باندي عبور لري ، د دې سره سره ډاکټر صاحبه د يو تحقيقي او تخليقي ذهن خاونده ده. د دې په کوشش او خواهش باندي د دې دغه ترجمه شوې ليکنه په دې مينه او هيله کتونکو ته رسيږي چي دو ی به د خپل وس توان مطابق د خپل ماضي په رڼا کښي او د اوسني غوښتنو سره سم ګام واخلي راځی چي موږ ټول د ډاکټر صاحبه د زړه خواله د زړه په غوږ واورو او بيا د پلي کولو لپاره غور پر اوکړو. Continue reading »

Aug 252011

A joint team of Directorate of Museum and Archaeology and Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has succeeded to identify and re-ascertain the exact location of the famous Shahji Ki Dheri, a historical Buddhist site in Peshawar.

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Mar 122009

Mughal B. Khan
Government. College of Technology Mingora Swat.
Abdul R. Ghumman
Department of Civil Engineering UET Taxilla.
Hashim N. Hashmi
Department of Civil Engineering UET Taxilla.

The main aim of this paper is to identify the social and environmental
impacts of the fall (change) of the hujra culture. Hujra in Swat, Pakistan has
been taken as a case study. Its impacts on eco-neighborhood, controlling health
hazards, water pollution and disasters have been investigated. These may be
beneficial for planners, sociologists and environmentalists. The means adapted
in the study include literature review, web search and survey through open-ended
questionnaires, field visits and interviews. The study area was divided into
various zones. Eleven communities have been studied in different social units.
Different age groups and professionals have been included in the survey to know
about different views and information. It is concluded that hujra culture used
to have more positive and less negative impacts on various aspects of life of
people in Swat. aspects of life of people in Swat.

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