Apr 042008

K M Mehsud

Although, Awami National Party’s president speech in National Assembly was welcomed by every section of the Pakistani Society in general and Pakhtun Society in particular, and by all manifestations, one can say that his speech was a true meaning of representation and a ray of hope for the people of Pakhtun dominated areas in the region, who were branded terrorists nationally and internationally, without knowing, that what a terrible game they have been thrown in to and by electing wrongly representatives in general elections of 2002.

After which their representatives in National and Provincial Assembly, were even unable to an extent, that they in their tenure, instead of speaking even for the genuine point of view about terrorism of their community, they tried their best of suppress their people point of view and to propagate for their own agenda by declaring it Islamic and aspirations of their community. Their malign religion political agenda and representing wrongly for their people resulted in turmoil in the region and their Pakhtun voters suffered a lot for their representative’s wrong doings.

Despite all these terrible consequences, the Pakhtun voters came to realize the true meaning of representation and they acted accordingly in February eighteen 2007 elections by voting for those who at least could represent them truly and sincerely in the National and Provincial representative forms, and they were really astonished, when a person rose in National Assembly by coagulating the newly elected Prime Minister with few sentences and then coming to the troubles of his people and begging for to please don’t provide my Pakhtun children jackets for suicide bomber, instead they need school uniforms, bags and pencils to flourish and to contribute positive and play their role for National and international peace and solidarity. These words, which teaches us the true meaning of representation and a ray of hope since they have been thrown into the bloody game of war on terror. It also created a ray of hope for the days to come.

Ingredients of Asfandyar’s speech in National Assembly and the hopes and aspirations being attached to it by his community are at its high point and nearly seem to be one and the same at this critical juncture of Pakhtun history. Lets us have an eye on asfandyar, speech in National Assembly and Pakhtun hopes and aspirations attached to it.

Every body know it well, that after 9/11 the international geo political environment changed abruptly and defiantly its impact on our region has been the most then any other parts of the world, because, this is one of the region where the undefined war of terror is being played with so many contradictions, even some of the top players in the game still seems to be puzzled about their role.

This puzzled game of war on terror confronted the people of the region with a new scenario which a that time was beyond their approach, and in a state of social disarrays, they were needing a competent leadership to coup with this phenomena of war on terror and to save them from is bloodiest onslaught, but unfortunately at that critical juncture they made another political folly by choosing wrong representatives in the general elections of 2002. Where their half educated mullah’s became easily trapped by establishment and an holly war in the name of holy war (Jihad) was logged, which resulted in an enormous loss of life and property for the people the region.

Soon after electing mullahs, the voter of the region realized the intensity of their political folly, when their own elected members were talking contrary to their problems and aspirations on different national and international forums. Their leader ship every time trapping them that they are fighting to bring Islam, where they needed to tell the world community that Pakhtuns are not terrorist nor they need arms for their children.

As they committed a political suicide, by choosing wrong leadership for a difficult period so they were bound to bear for the consequences and their children were introduced to the suicide jackets instead of uniform and pen as it was the main thyme of Asfandyar’s speech in the National Assembly.

It is said that bitter experiences always proved fruitful in long, as being the worst teacher bitter experiences made realized the voters of the region of their past political follies, this time in February 18 elections 2008, voted for a totally different philosophy and rejected their half educated religious leadership and given the world community a message that how they were wrongly represented, because they not extremist nor terrorist.

By electing liberal leadership, they gave everyone a massage of how they want to live in peaceful co existence and tolerance with others. Why they voted for liberals firstly because they were in need for true representatives and secondly because they need economic prosperity of their province and region, to save them from the onslaught of the uncertain war of terror and to provide their children better opportunities for better education and skill development.

Such high hopes and expectations of the people realizing the new leadership of this region and compelling them to stand firm and save them. With such a bigger responsibility on his shoulders Asfandyar Wali Khan and his team, need to concentrate on the real issues confronting his people and his speech in the National Assembly was the first real manifestation true representation when he stood and said. “We need pen instead of gun books not bullets and a school uniform for suicide jackets”.

Watching their leader for the first time, speaking for their genuine problems, some of them got emotional because their leader was speaking and begging what their children needing the most in this transitional phase of our national history.

It is worth to mention here, that good words always produce high expectations, excellent speech composed of balanced words have given birth to so many hopes and expectations by his ill fated people and they think that their leader would transform his words in to realities and will stand by every thick n thin with their people.

All these hopes and expectations needing a leader like Asfandyar to rescue the sinking boat of Pakhtuns and to create peaceful atmosphere over their sky and land, where the ink of pen can be mightier then the sword, where our kinds go with out fear to schools without fear, and where the jobless youth could find better opportunities to develop their skills in technological field so that producing suicide bombers brand of Pakhtuns perception of well educated well equipped community prepared to play peacefully with other communities on world stage.

Note: The writer is a Peshawar based journalist and research analyst on regional affaires.


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