Jan 122006

By Syed Yasir Ali Bacha Hoosai means deer in Pushto language. It is also the name of a small village between Shahbaz Garha and Rustam about 15 miles from Mardan. It is beautiful because of surrounding mountains, trees and a small river. The land is agricultural and all sorts of fruit can be grown here.

Dec 312005

 By Shaheen Buneree As a regular visitor of Khyberwatch I found it one of the most representative websites of Pashtuns’ socio-cultural, economic and political aspirations. It provided a platform to the educated Pashtuns across the world to come together and share their feelings, thoughts and experiences. It really represents Pashtun sensibilities.

Dec 092005

By Barrister Bacha Life a long, long life-long struggleUnfinished, ceaseless, never endingLofty Khyber contemplatingSilently, defiantly, majesticallyApproves, admires, salutes,The long, long, life-long sufferings. A crown of thorns,Carrying the cross;Praying,Begging,Pleading,‘Let my people go’.

Dec 072005

د ارواښاد سمندر خان سمندر د فاتحې په وخت ولي خان بدرښو ته لاړ او دعا ئ ؤکړه او بيا چې له هغه ځايه رخصت شو نو سېدرسول رسا ؤوئېل: د باچاخان درې ځامن دي او هر يو په خپل ميدان کښې وتلے اتل دے: ولي خان په سياست کښې، غني خان په شعر و Full Story …..

Dec 072005

Rokhan Rani Zai The historical speech of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan in the Parliament of Pakistan on March.5, 1948Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan solemnly took the oath of allegiance to the Constitution of Pakistan on 23rd February 1948, when he attended the first session and addressed the Parliament on March 5, 1948.