Board Of Directors


Dr. Fazal Raheem Marwat- Intelectual and Senior KW member

With a PhD in Central Asian Studies, Dr. Marwat has been an active investigator the history, culture and literature of the Pashtuns for the last 20 years. He is presently a professor at the Pakistan Study Centre, University of Peshawar but currently deputed as Chairman Text Book Board, Pakhtunkhwa. He has several books and more than a dozen research papers besides participation in several international conferences to his credit.
Dr. Marwat is also contributing his services as Chairman of AIRRA and Baacha Khan Research Center.

Haron Wardak- Member Board of Directors
Haron has dual award Master degree in International Project Management from Northumbria University at Newcastle in England and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. He has also a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers and is currently working as a Project Manager for a governmental organization in Sweden. Haron has long experience from IT and is founder of one of the first Pashto websites on the internet Hewad Afghanistan ( and is running several other websites for the benefit of Afghans world wide. Moreover is Haron supporting projects to promote Pashto as a language on internet such as translation of programs and internet scripts. Haron has been involved with the development of Afghan keyboard layout at Ministry of Communication in Afghanistan which is now used as the standard afghan keyboard layout.

Mohammad Raza Raza

Raza is currently serving as administrator in iNGO International Rescue Committee. He started his career as social worker from the platform of Tanzeem-e-Nawjawanan Salarzai as its General Secretary and Press Secretary. After completing his MBA, he joined ISRA PAK. He also spent much time with Awrat Foundation.

Muhammad Arif Tangi (Director Research and communications)

Muhammad Arif holds a Master degree in English Language and Literature. He has also got a professional degree in Education. He has a vast experience in education, journalism and research. He was Stringer Correspondent for DAWN in district Charsadda. He taught English language and literature in Government Postgraduate College Charsadda. He served as Research Fellow in Baacha Khan Research Center. Currently he is working as Research Fellow in Aryaana Institute for Regional Research and Advocacy. He is engaged in different research activities related to Pushtun Land. He writes articles for AIRRA, Sahar Magazines, Khyberwatch Online and other Pushtun forums. He also translates documents of Pushtuns’ interests from English, Urdu and Pushtu.

Zahid Buneray
Zahid Buneray holds a Master degree in social sciences. He is the founder of Khyberwatch Online. He has a vast experience in socio-cultural and political activities. He was the first to establish an organization in Buner in 1980 with the name Tanzeem Nawjawanan-e-Salarzai Buner 1984. Later on he organized TNS in Karachi too. This was TNS Karachi which was the base of Jirga-e-Salarzi of Buner and now it works as Pakhtun Loya Jarga in Karachi, a powerful socio-political wing representing Pakhtuns. He was also the co-founder of Elum Adabi Carvan Karachi. He formed Pashto Adabi Ghoorzang in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and gathered various literary organizations under one banner. Pashto Adabi Ghoorzang has got membership from both sides of the Durand Line. He is also active member of Paiwastoon Adabi Taroon UAE.

Currently, Zahid Buneray is working in Baacha Khan Trust Peshawar. Besides research and other responsibilities he is taking care of the historical Pakhtoon Magazine Online. He also runs an Urdu online daily Haqaiq News International with the collaboration of Pakhtuns in UAE.

Zahid is also performing as Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Kamellah Khan: MA English, LLB, DI Khan

Laiba Yousafzai: Triple MA, Sawabi (Islamabad)

Farooq Khan, Baacha Khan Peace Liberary Baffa, Hazara

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